Preventing HIPAA Data Breaches

4 Tips for Safeguarding Your Digital Practice

Special Report: HIPAA Data Breaches

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The digital practice — the electronic storage, access, sharing and monitoring of health information — offers increased convenience, improved patient care, and lower costs.¹ But this electronic access to medical records also brings with it additional risk, including the risk of cyber attacks that could lead to HIPAA data breaches, even for small practices.²

In this special report, NORCAL's risk management experts offer tips to help you defend your medical practice against cyber attacks and reduce the risk of a data breach that could compromise confidential medical records and cause financial and professional harm to your practice.

Risk Areas

  • Learn why HIPAA data breaches are a growing and costly problem for medical practices.

Case Study

  • Learn how downloading patient data onto a laptop could result in a HIPAA violation.

Best Practices

  • Learn 4 tips for increasing data security.